My First Post!

Hi! So this post’s not gonna be very exciting. I’m still finding my way around the site, so it might take some time before I get the hang of it.

As I said, on this blog I’m going to share whatever I think is worth a mention… It could be a topic that’s come up with friends that I want your opinion on, an experience that you can all cringe at or just something totally boring and meaningless, just so you can see that I’m still alive ūüėČ

ipod pics 2700


Either way, I hope you all enjoy what’s going to come, and I look forward to the first proper post! Because this one’s doesn’t really count… Tomorrow maybe?¬†Something’s bound to happen!

Note: The picture is from a street art tour in London, and it was one of my favourite pieces of the whole tour. I couldn’t tell you who the artist is, because in was precisely at this time that a really gorgeous guy walked¬†in front of the¬†art¬†in this amazing blue beanie, so I wasn’t listening… maybe that’s why it’s one of my favourites?? I’ll try and find out though.



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